Indie Film Playoff

INDIE FILM PLAYOFF,  The Independent Film Playoff LLC A California Corporation and all of the tournaments under it’s umbrella were created by Edward Bukowski in 2014,  it was designed to be the next step in the evolution of film festivals and film festival tournaments and competitions, In making the art of film more competitive and the discovery of a true winning film less complicated Edward Bukowski devised a system of brackets and tournaments, many of them were to be online competitions, the appointed directors of the film festivals governed by Edward Bukowski and his subordinates he appointed to the festival authority would be directed to have their winning films compete against each other in a never before endeavor of film festival vs. film festival showdown. making The IFP  unique as  film festivals generally act autonomously.


The ultimate goal of the IFP is promote independent films, and independent filmmakers, via aggressive social media sharing on all of the Big House social media accounts, our collective goal as directed by Edward Bukowski is to create a platform for films to compete, that’s our goal. Too many independent films are submitted and granted official selection to film festivals and are being overlooked and lacking distribution opportunities due to a lack of publicity, Edward Bukowski has devised a system that raises the SEO of the filmmakers content through cross platform social media posting, We share content with aggregators and potential distributors through tagging their companies in posts,  Utilizing the brand name Big House as a third party voice for the independent filmmaker.


The Festival Authority was managed by individuals appointed by Edward Bukowski, Founder and CEO of  Big House LA, This is a list of film festivals created by Edward Bukowski from 2014 through 2017, including some that that have been decommissioned, The Big Asian LA Cinema Festival, The EURO LA Film Festival, The Veterans, Soldiers & Sailors Cinema Festival, The Woman Up Indie Film Festival, and the Big Pride LA Film Festival have all participated in the IFP,  Los Angeles Entertainment Festival oversees all of the current festivals in operation.

Currently operating Film Festivals created by Edward Bukowski are:  FASH Film Festival , Indie Chicks International Film Festival ,  Movement Latino FILM Festival , Big Latino Cinema Festival. Road house Shorts International Film Festival, Westside Film FestivalSanta Monica Black Film FestivalLos Angeles Black Film FestivalBig Cross Los Angeles Christian Film Festival,  Los Angeles Gospel Film FestivalTOWER FILM Festival,  Blackout FILM FEST3rd Street Lgbtqo Film Festival, and BIG HOUSE La Fecebook page is a new replacement for the compromised page The Big House Los Angeles Entertainment Festival facebook page which was not returned and is an unauthorized page being maintained by former co-founder of the Big House franchise Gerald Benjamin Colbert, whom was relieved and terminated of all connections to Big House LA and it’s subsidiaries for dereliction of his duties and negligence. Furthermore the Independent Film Playoff has been decommissioned by edward Bukowski as he legally withdrew from the company in 2017, the website is an unauthorized representation of the independent film playoff created by Edward Bukowski in 2014, Big House LA and all of the film festivals managed by Big House LA have no connection to the statements, reports, or  We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the indeifilmplayoff website or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official big house la website can be found at The name Big House LA as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of

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Each participating festival was directed to select one film to represent their festival. Each festival’s films would then compete against each other, for example Big Pride LA’s film top winning film in 2015 was “Imperfect Sky” a Graham Streeter feature film, it competed against the Los Angeles Black Film Festival’s top winning feature film from Daniel Nearing titled “HOGTOWN”. The Allied Audience and United Audience watched the the two films as they screened at different festivals on separate occasions, The viewers subsequently voted, Edward Bukowski and the festival directors he appointed tallied up the votes, and released the results to the filmmakers. the determined winner In 2016 was  “Dry Blood” A Kelton Jones feature film which won in the Independent Film Playoff over “The Unwilling” A Jonathan Heap feature film…