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A religion attempts to answer questions about life. It attempts to give people understanding, of how things are, how things have been, and how things will be going.  Your faith is what you choose to believe. You could be an atheist, or believe in any one religion in the world. What you choose to believe …

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How to heal.

When I wrote: “When the nested birds flys home.” I wrote it with understanding. To write a screenplay we would have to understand everything about it. The people, the situation, the relationship, how relationships affects each other, how relationship affects people, and what is the ultimate outcome. I know that as children, we are young, …

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Communicating using our intuition.

Our intuition is “right truths”.  The authorities of our intuition and all truths is “The authority of Nature of Truth”. We can communicate with people with our intuition. When we want to message someone, we think to ourselves: “To Joanna: I want to say that…” This is the truth, it has happened and true, so she …

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How to tell the truth with our Feelings and Intuition.

Feelings and intuition I will tell you a way to tell the absolute truth about anything. The way to tell the absolute truth about something is that you “feel”. When you feel your feelings, you can tell the absolute truth about something. Feel your feelings and say to your self “ I want to know …

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