A religion attempts to answer questions about life. It attempts to give people understanding, of how things are, how things have been, and how things will be going. 

Your faith is what you choose to believe. You could be an atheist, or believe in any one religion in the world. What you choose to believe gives you power, faith and understanding. Religions attempt to find the truth about life, they attempts to find the right truth. What we should choose to believe is the rightest, most logical things, for us to live with the right truths.

All religions teaches us to be good. We respect all religions, because they all attempt to teach people the right truths and how to be good. What we choose to believe are the things that are rightest and makes most sense to us according to our evaluation.

Our faith is our responsibility.

There is a religion named Good. This is a religion for all beings. ‘Good’ teaches us to find out the truth about life using our intuition. We will learn to use our intuition and only be convinced by truth. 

You might want to find out for yourself at the website .  

In this time and going forward into the future, we need good faith. And how we will find it is up to ourselves.    |    |    Instagram  @aurorialanawinanforbes

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