How to tell the truth with our Feelings and Intuition.

Feelings and intuition

I will tell you a way to tell the absolute truth about anything. The way to tell the absolute truth about something is that you “feel”. When you feel your feelings, you can tell the absolute truth about something. Feel your feelings and say to your self “ I want to know the absolute, complete truth about something”. And “want to know”. Your feelings are “perfect truths”. You can trust your own feelings.

Do this before you make important decissions, or when you want to know about someone, or something, stop yourself if you feel like your feelings is trying to stop you from doing something. Your feelings knows the truth and it will stop you if it knows something is wrong. Then trust your intuition to find out what’s wrong. Your feelings and your intuition is yourself, you can trust it.

You can trust your feelings to know about “the right truth”, “The right good”, “The good truth” “The right thing to do”, “The good thing to do”, “The right good thing to do”, “the rightest thing to do”, “The best thing to do”, “the most talented thing to do.”  Use these with evaluation, and always ask “why?” And see if you agree to it. Say to yourself “ I want to know…” and then “want to know”, and use your intuition to find out.

Your intuition is “right truth”. Your feelings “perfect truth”.

Your intuition and feelings is: “Absolute, right, complete, perfect truths”

Something fun to do, you can find out things like: “What’s going to happen in the future?” “In 10 years, 15, 20”. “What’s going to happen tomorrow?”, “what happened in the past.” You can verify the truth by asking things that you know already, such as an event in the past, your name, your birthdate. You can ask anything, your intuition and feelings will tell you the truth.

The thing with knowing something about the future is, if you happen to find out something bad, know that it has not happened yet, Ask “how do I change it?” “How do I prevent it?” “How do I make it different?” Ask your intuition and feelings. Your power is that you know about the future so you can change it.Same with finding out about any thing negative, ask “How do I resolve it?” “What is the resolution?” “What is the answer?” It will tell you the truth.

The rule of thumb is to only find out the things you want to know. The truth is “what has happened, occurred, and what is true.” Many thing has occurred and is the truth. Many things are true. We can ask about anything. But ask ourselves, if the things we know is going to make us happier or negative us and our lives. All things have solutions. But only ask the things we want to know and is ready to know. This is how we protect ourselves. The rule of thumb is only to find out positive things and happy things, and not the negative unless we are ready to resolve them.

The rules to use intuition is : Truths will be known for the purpose and rule of good.

You can trust your own intuition and feelings everyone.

Article written by Aurorialana Winanforbes.

Instagram @aurorialanawinanforbes

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