How to heal.

When I wrote: “When the nested birds flys home.” I wrote it with understanding. To write a screenplay we would have to understand everything about it. The people, the situation, the relationship, how relationships affects each other, how relationship affects people, and what is the ultimate outcome.

I know that as children, we are young, and we process the world how we best can. As children we process the world without fully understanding things, fully understanding. So our conclusion as we draw it, about events, will be short-sighted and cute, just as how we are as children, and if they are wrong, they affects us as adults, because we carry those beliefs within us, to live our adult lives and to live out our relationships.

We heal from childhood traumas by understanding the events from an adult point of view. How we see the same things now as adults and how we see things as children can be very different. We see now with understanding, more understanding, more mature understanding. And we heal ourselves by understanding what we think and believe as a child, and we see now how right or wrong those beliefs are and give ourselves alternate beliefs, new beliefs, beliefs with understanding.

Know that for every wrong beliefs there is a right one. For every wrong answer, there is a right answer to that. For every outcome of a situation, or a bad situation, there is a possible positive outcome. We heal ourselves by asking: “If a positive outcome would have happened for a situation back then, what will I believe differently?” And here we find out that for every negative belief, there is a possible positive belief/one.

Our belief shapes the way we deal with relationships and what we do. It will surely shape the way we behave and truly shape the outcome of our relationships. For example: If we believe  “All relationships will end.” Because the relationship between our loved ones such as our parents don’t work out. We will do things to enforce our beliefs. We will do things such as being negative towards our relationship, being lazy, not working out our problems, letting it slide, and it will end up being “Not work out, and end”, just as what we believe. We see here that what we believe actually affects the outcome of what actually happens in our lives. We see here that we actively enforce and re-enforce our beliefs in our lives, we actively do things to enforce it. It is a strong force within ourselves, a very strong force, the force of our beliefs. This is why I believe in doing things to help people work out their beliefs. If we believe: “All relationship works out and end up happily.” Because our parent are happily married. We will keep on working things out in our relationships, putting effort in it, working things out if there are problems, riding over troubles to reach our end – what we believe – That “relationships do work out good.” Our beliefs affects our outcome.

We do not have to be jealous of people who have perfect experiences and perfect beliefs, because their parents are happily married. We just have to work ourselves out. We know that for every divorce there is the alternate possible out come, and that is “a happy, long lasting marriage.” We know that for everything negative, there is the alternate positive out come. We know for every negative belief there is an alternate positive belief. We just need to work ourselves out, and choose to believe in the possible alternate positive belief. Or just believe in the positive belief.

We work ourselves out by finding out what our beliefs are. We work ourselves by finding out our negative beliefs. We can use intuition to do this. We ask ourselves and our intuition, “What are my beliefs?” “Do I have negative or wrong beliefs?” “If so, what are they?”, “Please tell me one at a time.”. “What have happened in our childhood that had lead us to believe this?” “Why was what happened wrong?” And “What is the right way that it could happened?” “How do I heal from this?” “What is the resolution to heal from this?” “What is the possible positive beliefs?” “What are the possible alternate beliefs?” “What are the possible alternate positive beliefs?” “How do I heal from this?” “How do I believe the possible positive beliefs?” “How do I believe in positive beliefs?”

Our beliefs can shape how we view life, everything, from friendship, love, relationship, people, marriage, and achievements. It will affect everything. It is best we work ourselves out to be the most whole, perfect, complete, happy person. With positive beliefs. Positive beliefs that can shape our lives for the greater.

Article written by Aurorialana Winanforbes    |    |    Instagram  @aurorialanawinanforbes

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