Communicating using our intuition.

Our intuition is “right truths”. 

The authorities of our intuition and all truths is “The authority of Nature of Truth”.

We can communicate with people with our intuition. When we want to message someone, we think to ourselves: “To Joanna: I want to say that…” This is the truth, it has happened and true, so she will be able to find out with her intuition.

On our end, we would ask our intuition: “Do I have any messages?” and our intuition would say, “You have a message from Joanna, saying “…”.

By The authority of the Nature of Truth, people can send messages, but you will only get the messages you want to receive.

You can verify this with the Authorities of Nature of Truth and Authority of Nature, they are the absolute authorities. They are Gods. We can communicate with them using the same method above. Ask: “Nature of Truth, Nature, would you please tell me what the rules are…” They are kind, be absolutely respectful. We can ask them for guidance if we need help with something.

We all have to be absolutely respectful and keep our truths clean.

Know that if it is the truth, it will be known with the rules of Good.

We can communicate with people speaking in different languages. When we say something in German, it can be understood in the other person’s languages  like English. This is truth and intuition are meanings. And languages are different systems of expressing the same meanings. If I say “egg” in any languages, there is the meaning of “egg” in any languages that I try to communicate with.

So we can actually understand what a person speaking in German, or Korean is saying, if we listen to our intuition at the same time as listening to them and asking “What does that mean?”. 

We can understand any languages when we stay atuned to our intuition.

We can use intuition to understand each other when speaking and listening. We can use it in our conversations when we try to understand each other speaking in different languages.

Article written by Aurorialana Winanforbes.    |    |    Instagram  @aurorialanawinanforbes

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