Synthetic Medicine vs. Natural Medicine

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The Truth is…

The contents of my blog will be contradictory to the teachings of the so-called ‘experts’ in the medical field along with many others. Most of society has become in a literal sense brainwashed, and their ignorance is leading them directly towards self induced sickness. No longer will the tongue of truth be held in order to soothe the feelings of individuals trapped in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance. So let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth to see it like it is, and tell it like it is, to find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth…

Nature always provides

Simply put, the earth provides everything we need with only a drop of a seed. But what good is it if we don’t know what herb or food products heals what ailment? Even a dog knows what to eat from the earth when it is sick. But most humans, who are of a supposed higher intellect do not. In fact, most of us don’t eat to stay healthy nor do we know what to consume for healing. Did you know that Cinnamon bark will relieve gas of the stomach and stop diarrhea? Or that the leaves of the Oak will dissolve tumors, swelling, womb troubles, piles, and hemorrhages? You may ask, “well what about illnesses that are actually common/relevant to todays society”… Let us dive even deeper then!

List of Natural Remedies:

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  • The leaves and bark of the eucalyptus tree will reduce a fever, cure asthma and diseases of the lungs.
  • The bark and twigs of the birch will expel worms, cure bowel troubles, soothe painful &sore joints, and also purify the blood.
  • The leaves of the Aloe plant will heal burns and skin disease.
  • The inner bark of the Maple tree will soothe the nerves, cleans the liver, flush out the spleen and give strength to the whole body.
  • All parts of the elder tree will heal the eyes of inflammation and twitching eyelids. When used properly they will also remove headaches, rheumatism, epilepsy and venereal diseases.
  • Catnip tea will relax the body and lull you to sleep.
  • Cayenne pepper removes the plaque adhering to arteries and cleans them. It also supplies vital nutrients to the heart, raises the body temperature, improves blood circulation by thinning the blood, removes toxins from the blood and rebuilds blood cells.

Synthetic medicine

You see, modern Doctors often diagnose the system – but not the cause. They further complicate matters by prescribing synthetic medicines that go against your natural flow and cause more damage and dependencies. Numerous reports now show the synthetic medicines have long term and extremely negative effects on our bodies. Synthetic medicines are an experiment – not a cure. Now ‘they’ realize, but are not willing to admit, although the uncorrupt doctors do, that ancient civilizations have effectively used natural medicines for centuries. To name a few, the Egyptians, the Chinese and the Natives of the North American continent used natural medicines and respected nature, that is until so-called “modern man” and “modern medicine” came along, with modern diseases. Most of the diseases came from lack of understanding the harmony of nature and their relationship to nature.

The real drug dealers

More and more we need to be aware of our health, particularly for those of us who cannot afford the high cost of medical care and even if you could, is it worth it? The existing social health programs are not designed to maintain the human constituents of the body. Instead we are used as guinea pigs to finance Pharmaceutical companies, the real “Drug Dealers” who have their names in big letters with drive through service – known as the “Drug Store”.

Ask yourself

 It seems that every year there is a viral epidemic or some sort of food scare. What is going on?  The better question to ask is:  Why are we so surprised?  Aren’t we aware that this is slow, methodical programming? Where is the information coming from, do we actually know for sure if this is really happening based on what is being told to the public?  Why are we so trusting and why are we not being scientific about ourselves, our world, and our universe?.

Always remember

Everything happens based on what we eat and breath. We may not always be able to control what we breath, however, if we discipline ourselves regarding what we eat, it will take care of what we may not be able to control in regards to what we breath. The first thing to remember is Bacteria, Germs, and Parasites, are our friends. We are supposed to be able to co-exist with them. They in fact serve a purpose contrary to what is told and promoted.  If we are eating foods that help to create a healthy body environment, which regenerates and repairs as it should, bacteria, germs, parasites, infections, and illness cannot and will not effective us, as it would not be possible.  If you have a healthy body you can be in the center of an epidemic and you will not be effected in any way whatsoever! If, however, you are not eating foods that are conducive to a healthy body which includes healthy bone, muscle, and tissue;  bacteria, germs, and parasites will appear to eat the unhealthy bone, muscle, and tissue, as this is their function.

Let’s make a change

What has been going on for quite some time now, is an attack on the immune system. Many things, in addition to food, break down the immune system such as antibiotics, most all medications (drugs), and so-called immunizations.   However, food is the number one source that we participate in with great enjoyment, disregard, and little thought. We have become so programmed that we no longer hear the voice inside us that tells us – you shouldn’t eat that. We miss and/or ignore the signs such as allergic reactions that tell us – you shouldn’t eat that. Unbeknownst to us, the universe is forcing us to make a change.  Many of these epidemics are coming into existence because we have become stubborn as a people, and we seem to only move when pain and suffering is present. It is a very bitter pill, however we must move back to knowledge of who and what we are, and what our body needs to function as the replica of the universe it is.  Our body is our first Temple, of which residing within it is our soul, thus it is Solomon’s Temple (soul of man’s Temple).  We must make this acknowledgement and corrections!

A very wise man once said;  “Discipline yourself, or you will be disciplined.”

In our next blog

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In our next blog, we will be discussing the “Truth about Sickness & Mental health”. This is the introduction of what you will soon discover to be a deep, dark, seemingly un-ending rabbit hole of mass genocide, mental programming and false teachings. It is up to us to use our divine intuition, also known as our “common sense” so that we may free ourselves from mental and physical slavery. We have just barely scratched the surface in our journey to the root of disease & corruption.

How Can You Help?

There are numerous ways in which you can assist us spreading this message. But the most important way is to begin with yourself! Go deep within and build a loving relationship with yourself. Have the strength/confidence to improve your lifestyle to reflect health. Before you can change the world, you must first change yourself. On the off chance that you do wish to support us another way, you are more than welcome. Donation funds are used for the sole purpose of the items listed below:

1. Improving the quality/outreach of this platform. 

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We genuinely appreciate the support that you show our team here at BigHouseLA. Your contributions will never go unnoticed. Until next time, PEACE!


More about the author

Daniel is a 20 year old philanthropist who dedicates his work towards the  advancement of society. He began his journey as a truth-seeker while practicing Brahmacharya and doing inner discovery during the 2020 “Planned Epidemic”. He is currently the Red Carpet Event host for the BighouseLA Film Festival | LA LIVE Film Festival | Film Fest LA. He is also a model, author, and brand manager here at BighouseLA. Lastly, Daniel operates as the Co-Founder of Intrinsic 7elf. 


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  1. Hannah Mikelonis

    This post is informative, well-written, & places a huge emphasis on the importance of natural medicine, clean food, and the many ways that the Earth can provide us everything we need as humans to thrive. 10/10 great job, Dan!! 🙌🏼🙏🏼🍎

  2. Great blog post, very informative and unbiased deep dive into a subject that takes courage to share on openly, thank you for sharing this inspiring and thoughtful post.

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