"I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by very positive people who have been willing to go above and beyond in order to make dreams reality." @EdwardGLyons
Full interview:
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VERY EXCITING! Announcing more #laurels for the short thriller NASTY HABITS! Directed by
Including BEST ACTRESS AWARD for Serena Laurel @serenalaurelwow
A young aspiring musician befriends a lonely truck driver, who picks her up as she hitchhikes her way to LA

In Allisyn Arm's NASTY HABITS, a young aspiring musician (Serena Laurel) befriends a lonely truck driver (Josh Phillips), who picks her up as she hitchhikes her way to Los Angeles. @allisyn_a_arm @serenalaurelwow @watchthefootage #shortfilm #drama #filmfestival #isff

Official selection: @FilmMabig #MabigFilmFestival ⭐️ @IShortsAwards #IndependentShortsAwards ⭐️ @shorts_ff #InternationalShorts ⭐️ @filmfestlalive #LALiveFilmFest ⭐️ @colortape2 #ColortapeInternationalFilmFestival ⭐️
Finalist: #52WeeksFilmFestival ⭐️
#NastyHabitsMovie 🎬

Reporting for Duty 🚔🚨 |📸: @allisyn_a_arm / @WatchTheFootage
Kash Hovey

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