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Since I was a little boy I was mesmerized by movies. Growing up in small town New Mexico and in Texas my only link to the world was movies.

I was particularly obsessed with James Bond films. Every year there would be a James Bond Marathon on T.V. and I would watch from morning till night with my grandfather and day dream about the jetset life style of being a spy. Movies have the power to inspire, inform, comfort, uplift, as well as entertain. They foster the creative spirit we all have inside us.

How void would our life be with out film and film makers. This blog is dedicated to this medium and the stories , and storytellers.


  1. Patrick Puckett

    “Make Believe”
    The first time I ever considered acting as a career I was 12 years old. I was at a point where I was starting to think about what I was gonna be when I grew up. Up to that point I had narrowed it down to 2 choices, professional baseball and James Bond. My grandmother wanted me to go in to ministry. My grandfather hoped that I would be a cop, like he was ; assuming I didn’t get drafted to the Dallas Cowboys or became an actual cowboy, or at least became a country singer who sang about cowboys. My Grandad had set me up with a buddy of his on the force to do a ride along. To say it was nothing like CHiPS, TJ Hooker, or any other T.V. show I liked was understatement. No high speed chases, no shootouts, not even a lousy stake out. Did we spend the day on the hunt for clues that would lead to arresting a murdered? Nope. We drove around. A couple of traffic stops that ultimately led in a warning. I didn’t even get to get out of the car. I left that day with a stupid badge sticker and the knowledge that if I wanted to be a detective like Dick Tracy it would take a long long time to achieve. Thinking about it now small town New Mexico is probably NOT the place to inspire an adventure ambitious child to go into law enforcement

    December of ‘92 I had gone to a friend’s house to spend the night one Friday after school. He was a big Tom Cruise fan and we were going to the mall that Saturday to see “A Few Good Men”. To prep for our movie outing his mom ordered a pizza and we watched 2 of his favorite films ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Days of Thunder’. In a weekend I had seen the Tom Cruise “be” a Lawyer, a Fighter Pilot, and a NASCAR driver. I had seen on a TV interview not long after where Tom Cruise had talked about the preparation for his movies and how long it took to shoot. The thought occurred to me, “Acting! If I were an actor I wouldn’t have to pick a thing to be. I could be anything I wanted then a few months be a different thing”. Little did I know there is MUCH more to it than that, but it set me on my path. I did any play I could at school and church. If my friend had a camcorder we would make our own movies. We knew nothing about editing, much less had the equipment for it so we would shoot a scene. Pause the tape. Shoot another scene. Pause. And so on. After our movie was done we would gather at someone’s house and watch it. We would try to charge for admission. No one ever paid. My grandparents never attended.

    Over the years I have learned a lot about the process of making movies. Although it’s much more detailed and at times even complicated there is something fantastically magical about movies. Whether it’s to make a social, political statement or inspire or shed light on an issue or merely entertain, movies are an art form that tell a story like no other medium can. They provide a window for the audience to look into a world different from their own, see from a different vantage point. For those who make them, it’s a chance to live the stories somewhat.

    At any level “Make Believe” is still a major part of the film making process. To me that phrase means more than just “pretend”. “Make Believe” is also about the process. Make. Believe. Make your vision a reality. Make, create, in whatever capacity you’re able to. Believe. Believe in your abilities, in the story you’re trying to tell. Believe that movies can give you a voice. This is what Film Fest L.A. is all about. Providing a venue for all those who make. Those who believe.

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