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Event host at Film Fest L.A. at Regal Cinemas a Barco Innovation Center at L.A. Live.

Contributor and curator of entertainment news at Bighousela 2014- Present

Patrick L Puckett contributor

Event planner of variety showcases at renowned venues from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas

Booking at

Radio host and Producer for “Is This Thing On” syndicated 2004-2005 Arlington, Texas

for the American Broadcasting School

On air talent and producer for “Mayhem & Token Show” on DASH radio 2017-present Hollywood, California

Touring stand-up comedian 2008-2017

“Immigration Demonstration” feature film documentary host and producer May 1st 2006

“Kitchen Accessories Network” award winning short film. Star, Writer, director , producer 2007

“Stool Sample Monolouges” comedy videos. Performing stand-up skits

As host and event planner of the successful “rising above” film block at film fest l.a. at regal cinemaes l.a. live Barco innovation center, Patrick L Puckett successfully managed red carpet activites, press and media procurement, while also conducting red carpet interviews and entertained attendees

Mr. Puckett served as Emceed the introductions of eac short film block and feature films screening.

Successfully moderated festival Q&A sessions during awards ceremonies at Film Fest L.A. and at the “Rising Above” film festival at Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live a BARCO innovation center.